Wednesday, May 2

Sorry been away for a while. I finished the dance shorts for my niece and started a wrap sweater. I tore it apart several times 'cause I didn't like the way the stitches looked. Then I didn't like the bottom edge. THEN I cast on and started to knit the wrong number of stitches. It should go quickly since she's only four.

In other news, I got my sock pal (knitee). I am worried that I won't make socks that she will like. Or their going to be too big. Or not good enough. Or she's going to take them apart and do them to her liking. Maybe I should just send her the yarn and $10 and say "I am not worthy". My stomach hurts!

My sock pal (knitter) already emailed me with really good questions! If her/his questions are any indication of what my socks are going to be like I am going to cry my eyes out with gratitude.

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Anonymous said...

You are worthy, you are a knitter! Plus, this is for fun so relax and enjoy the process. Plus, who doesn't love a handknit present? I'm sure your socks will be lovely and deeply appreciated by your pal.