Wednesday, May 16

Gettin' Fit

I joined Fitter Knitters and have been trying to set my goals. It is hard to define what my short & long term priorities are. So let's start with the facts.
I am a 31 year old mother of two. I was underweight all my life until I became pregnant with my daughter. I had a very high metabolism and had to constantly eat to maintain my weight. I am now 45 pounds heavier and it makes me look pregnant ( all stomach ).
I started walking 10,000 steps on April 10. As of today, I have lost 10 pounds.

1. I want to lose 4 pounds by May 31.
2. I want to increase my strength training to 3 times a week.
3. I want to jump rope for 10 minutes straight.
4. I need to eat 2 more fruit and veggies each everyday.
5. I want to increase my steps to 12,000 a day.

Long term:
1. I will weigh 130 pounds.
2. I will fit into a size 8 clothes.
3. I will be toned and sugar free.
4. I will be able to run a mile without stopping.


Anonymous said...

Those are great goals, measurable and they sound pretty realistic. Keep up the good work!

Your sock pal. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the weight you've already lost!! That's great!

And yup. Fruits and veggies are definitely high on my list - I KNOW I get nowhere near enough.

Do you have any pedometers you could recommend? I've been pondering trying to start a 10K steps per day, but can never seem to find a decent pedometer that I'd trust!

Anonymous said...

OH! And I just posted a link to an article that has some great tips on helping jump start the metabolism - I especially liked them because they're broken down to easily allow trying 1 or 2 at a time :)