Saturday, December 1

In the spirit of getting ready for the holiday season here is a little meme:


Do you have a favorite gift that you love to give?

Anything handmade by me

If you’re making gifts this year, what are you making?
I am making ...
5 scarves
3 hats
2 shrugs
1 cardigan

Name one thing on your personal wish list.

I want yarn. It's the only thing that I ever want. I like any kind, in any color. My joy is in making it into something for someone. I don't want it to make anything for myself, just to have the pleasure of touching the yarn.

Do you make and sell things that would make fantastic gifts?

No, but my sisters say that I should. People tell my sisters that they would love for me to knit them various items.


What is your favorite family holiday tradition?

I like decorating the christmas tree with my kids and making cookies.

Have you started any new traditions with your family that you didn’t practice growing up?

Yes, we have themed christmas dinners. Last year we had a German Christmas and this year French.

What do you love most about the holiday season?

I love the atmosphere, rich colors and feeling of peace.

What do you like least about the holiday season?

I hate the rude people that feel entitled to anything they want. From making snide comments, taking my parking space in their Land Rover to looking down on my gifts because they are handmade.

Anyone close to your heart that you’ll be missing this year?

My grandfather in Florida.

What is your favorite holiday food?

I love anything chocolate, lebkucken, mashed potatoes with gravy. I also like anything that someone else cooks! It leaves more time for knitting!