Monday, January 14

I read about this on Moth Heaven and decided that this is what I need to get my knitting finished!

The Mission Possible challenge is to take 12 knitting things over the next 12 months, and finish them. It can be yarn, ufos, untried skills, whatever. To each their own, but it's the list that is the point. So here's my personal Mission Possible pledge. 12 UFO's by the end of the year. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Birthday scarf
2. wavy ribbed scarf
3. shimmer shrug
4. ballet shrug

1. tater cotton cardi
2. psychedelic afgan squares
3. rippled baby blanket
4. pants on fire

To do for me:
1. Ophelia top
2. Very Necessary Sweater
3. Clapotis
4. Monkey socks

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